Methodology for comprehensive assessment of regional innovative development

Evgenia A. Polina, Irina A. Solovyeva


Innovative development of territories is strategically important for the prosperity of any country. This article aims at describing original methodology for comprehensive assessment of innovative development of Russian regions. The proposed model takes into account specific features of innovative activity of regions and identifies growth potential and resources of territories, taking into account not only the innovation environment, but also areas of innovative activity. The study relies on the statistical data provided by the Central Statistical Database and the Unified Interdepartmental Information and Statistical System. In the course of processing and analyzing data, the index method, the multidimensional average method, factor-index analysis and other statistical data processing methods are used. The research involves ranking Russian regions according to their levels of innovative development and further dividing them into groups of powerful, strong, medium and weak innovators. We also analyzed the dynamics of innovation in the regions by looking at the changes in their ranking positions.
The research findings brought to light the uneven development of Russian regions. The proposed assessment toolkit can be further used for drawing individual profiles for regions and formulating recommendations and guidelines for these regions’ development by taking into consideration their strengths and weaknesses.
The results of this study have theoretical and practical significance and can be used as a tool for management of innovative activities both at the level of individual territories and at the national level.


innovative climate, innovative potential, innovation, regional development, Russian regions

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