Changes in Land Use in Eastern Surabaya, Indonesia, and their Impact on Coastal Society and Aquaculture

Dika Safitri, Lyudmila Bespalova, Febry Wijayanti


Indonesia is an archipelago country which has a large number of coastal areas, including Surabaya City. This part of the country, in particular its eastern areas, was affected by changes in land use – more land is now occupied by farms and residential areas. Another important type of land use in Surabaya is the ponds used for fish farming.

This research aims to prove that the change of land use in Surabaya affects the socio-economy of the coastal area. This research uses the quantitative approach and descriptive statistic method. It shows that the increase in the number of ponds in Surabaya has not affected the growth in the number of fishermen while the amount and the value of fish production increased significantly due to marine fishing. Since most of the ponds in Surabaya are managed traditionally, they are unable to ensure a high output. Therefore, the majority of the community of Parmubaya in the east coast of Surabaya would like to change the function of ponds but are impeded to dos o by the legal regulations due to the special status of this area. Consequently, the optimal use of ponds in Surabaya would be to train fishermen, fish farmers, and representatives of other related professions.


land use, ponds, fish farming, fishermen, economic value of fish production

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