Prospects for Chinese-Russian cooperation in the dairy sector

Qiujie Chen


Relevance. The COVID-19 pandemic is a new challenge facing humanity, which has already caused serious damage to the global economy. In particular, international cooperation has faced somewhat unprecedented challenges. In the post-pandemic era, it is extremely important to study the state of the dairy sector in China in order to find a way to develop cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation in this field.

Research objective. To analyse the state of China’s dairy sector in the post-pandemic period, taking into account the trend of recovery, as well as to identify the priority areas and interaction directions in the dairy sector between China and the Russian Federation.

Data and Methods. The research was conducted using the methods of comparative analysis, focusing mainly on quantitative and qualitative indicators. The conditions for the interaction of the dairy sector between China and the Russian Federation were analysed.

Results. It is shown that, at present, the Chinese-Russian interaction in the dairy sector includes four aspects: trade in dairy products, experience exchange, investment cooperation and interaction at the governmental level. Trade in dairy products and the exchange of experience and technologies in the dairy sector are developing steadily, supported by increased interaction at the state level.

Conclusions. The Chinese-Russian cooperation in the dairy sector is experiencing some difficulties; however, the common interest of both countries in dairy production and the strong support of both governments ensure excellent prospects for achieving mutual benefits and high performance.


Russia, China, COVID-19 pandemic, dairy sector, consumption structure, raw milk imports, ‘double cycle’ economic model, trade in dairy products, investment interaction, cooperation directions

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