Digitalization in the development of human resource management in the Republic of Belarus

Mohamad Tawbe


Relevance. Digitalization has led to a global transformation in the field of human resource management. Modern HR professionals view their roles not as mere administrators but as strategic enablers for key organizational decisions.  In this scenario, there is a need to describe a digital system for  efficient HR management (HRM) which is able to improve the skills of the employees.

Research objective. The purpose of this study is to analyze the current state of the labor market in the Republic of Belarus and assess how digitalization affects human resource management strategies 

Data and methods. The article used the method of comprehensive data analysis in the study of the labor market in Belarus. The systemic approach was used to describe the strategy of HR digitalization. The official data of the Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus are used as the source of information.

Results. The article analyzes the labor market in the Republic of Belarus. The factors that should be taken into account in the formation of human resource management strategy have been identified. The introduction of information and communication technologies in the country's enterprises was assessed and conclusions about the prospects of digital technology in human resource management were made. This work explains a strong relationship between the technological progress and HRM in organizations and companies. The paper shows how innovation can lead to a more proficient administration in HRM and improve the overall performance of the workforce. Several main zones of digitalization and its effects on human asset development are described.

Conclusion. HRM has been changed by the advancement of the digital era. HR professionals no longer have to engage in manual procedures or deal with overwhelming volumes of data. With modern innovative solutions that enhance human resource management and growth, HR teams have greater freedom to shape organizational culture and productivity. The introduction of technology in human resource management offers great opportunities to optimize company resources and maximize results.


technology, human resource management, technological development, improvement, efficiency, automation, innovation

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