Nurlan Azatovich Aldabergenov


The article considers the problem of personal resources of young people, which can contribute to their adaptation to life in modern society. The main characteristics of social development are: industrial revolution, international integration, high dynamism of socio-economic and socio-cultural processes. It is proved that their future depends on the ability of young people to overcome life difficulties, to be ready to overcome external and internal difficulties. In this regard, it is extremely important to study the resilience of young people and the factors that determine them. The purpose of the study was to study the resilience of Kazakh youth depending on their involvement in sports, as well as to conduct a cross-cultural comparison of Kazakh and Russian youth in terms of resilience and well-being. Significant differences in the level of indicators of resilience among students engaged in sports compared with non-athletes students, both in the sample of Kazakhstan and Russia, were revealed. Correlation analysis showed that young people who plan their activities, know how to maintain the desired weight, exercise and positively evaluate their physical development indicators, as well as are focused on social activity and communication with people have a high level of resilience. The data obtained can be used in the development of strategies for working with the youth of Kazakhstan. Further investigation of the problem may be related to the development of trainings on the development of resilience, as well as the development of strategies for involving young people in active sports.

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