V. M. Zakharenko, Iu. S. Khudiakov, A. V. Mozzhukhin, A. L. Moskvin


A new express technique for the kinetic catalytic photometric determination of nitrate by stepwise injection analysis is introduced. The detection is based on the catalytic effect of nitrite on the oxidation of ethylendiaminetetreaacetat manganese (II) to red ethylendiaminetetreaacetat manganese (III) by hydrogen peroxide. Nitrate was preliminary reduced to nitrite using copperised cadmium reductor column. The measurement of the red color absorbance was monitored at 520 nm wavelength. Determined the reliable working concentration range to be 0.1 – 5 mg/dm3 with 3σ detection limit of 0.02 mg/dm3. The relative random measurement error of the technique does not exceed 15 %. The advantages and disadvantages of the copperised cadmium reductor location in the hydraulic circuits of the flow-injection and stepwise injection analysis methods were considered. Reviewed the copperised cadmium reductor placing using the stepwise injection analysis method presented in the literature and offered another alternative of placing. The proposed technique was tested by the added – found method and referent method with satisfactory results. The major advantages of this technique are simplicity, selectivity and economy of reagents. The technique can be used to automatically determine nitrate in continuous mode at a rate of 12 samples per hour, and in the mode with a delay between samples. The technique could be applied successfully for the nitrate determination in nature fresh and salt waters.

Key words: nitrate, photometric determination, catalytic reaction, nature water, stepwise injection analysis




V.M. Zakharenko1, Iu.S. Khudiakov1, A.V. Mozzhukhin1, A.L. Moskvin2

1ZAO NPO Granit-NEMP, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

2Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

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