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Determination of solubility of chlorides of d-elements in chloroaluminate melts

V. V. Karpov, V. A. Volkovich, I. B. Polovov, O. I. Rebrin


Solubility of several transition metal chlorides (NiCl2, CrCl2, MoCl3, FeCl2) was measured in KCl-AlCl3 based melts. It was found that the solubility of studied metal chlorides depends on K : Al mole ratio. MoCl3 solubility decreases with increasing AlCl3 content. Solubility of CrCl2 and FeCl2 reaches maximum at K : Al ratio of 1 and decreases when this ratio either de-creases or increases. The dependence of NiCl2 solubility on K : Al mole ratio is V-shaped with the maximum near 0.9-0.95. The effect of temperature on solubility of transition metal chlorides in KCl-AlCl3 melts was also investigated. Increasing temperature does not alter the character of «solubility – K : Al mole ratio» dependences.


chloroaluminate melts; nickel chloride; chromium chloride; ferric chloride


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Copyright (c) 2014 V. V. Karpov, V. A. Volkovich, I. B. Polovov, O. I. Rebrin

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